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AF-Foundation Hymn and Song

AF-foundation was founded by the wellknown hymnwriter Anders Frostenson, who has written more than 600 hymns and songs. Whenever his hymns and songs are performed, a small fee is paid by the user to this foundation. The amount collected in this way is distributed yearly as grants to hymnwriters to be.

Another activity supported by the foundation is a yearly held "Forum for hymnwriters".

Everyone who is involved in the writing of hymns is welcome to write to the foundation and ask for a grant. The grants are distributed in November each year. Anyone interested in a grant is expected to send an application to the "AF-Foundation Hymn and Song" no later than August 15th. Include tree samples of lyrics for hymns for evaluation by the the board of the foundation, and send it to:

AF-stiftelsen Psalm och Sång
Själagårdsgatan 13


AF-stiftelsen Psalm och sång
Själagårdsgatan 13
Tel: +46 - (0)8 - 20 33 30
Fax: +46 - (0)8 - 20 33 50

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